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4 Weekly Money Management Hacks

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Here are 4 Weekly Money Management Hacks to help you save time, avoid costly errors and save 💰.

But just so you know, the real true hack for money management is consistency and having systems/workflows in place to help make sure you are:

✅ Reviewing your business financials on a regular/frequent basis. To avoid costly errors and capture all of your tax deductions. Make sure you to set up rules (steps), to help automate the recording of your banking transactions.

✅ Tracking all of your business receipts. if you use an app or software other than your accounting software, make sure that is able to sync with your accounting software. So everything is captured and recorded automatically.

✅ Reviewing & pay your vendor bills on time, to avoid any unnecessary late fees. Also make sure to send out client invoicing regularly, follow up with past due invoices. Create auto reminders to help you receive payments faster.

✅ Reviewing your cash flow weekly, if not daily. Make sure you are getting the best pricing with your vendors. Use a cash flow planner to help you project/estimate your current & future income, track expenses. Which will help you avoid over spending and help you know when to plan for purchases or investments.

To view the 4 Weekly Money Management Hacks click on the photo above or CLICK HERE.

Hope these tips have been helpful 🙌

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